The main goals of a book trailer are to preview a novel and build reader anticipation. Much like movie trailers, book trailers tease the audience without providing too much information. Unlike movie trailers, that already contain visual images with which to work, book trailers are created by converting the written word into visually appealing and intriguing products.

Book Trailer Requirements
1. All trailers must be 1 minute in length.
2. At least 1 catch phrase or slogan must be displayed in the trailer.
3. The title of the book must be visible in the trailer at some point.
4. All images must be royalty free.
5. All music must be royalty free.
6. The tone and genre of the book must be reflected in appropriate image and music choices.
7. The trailer must convey the overall theme of the book without giving away too much information.
8. In addition to your trailer, you must submit a properly formatted works cited page documenting all images, sound, and text that are not original.
9. Upon completion of your trailer, copy and paste the embed code into the Google form. This is how you will submit your trailer.

Book Trailer Resources
1. Screen_shot_2011-11-21_at_9.40.48_PM.png You will use Stupeflix to create your book trailer. Create a free account, choose your theme, and be creative! 2. Screen_shot_2011-11-21_at_9.51.23_PM.png Use the resources in elcohslibrary's pearltrees to help locate images and audio. 3. Visit Screen_shot_2011-11-21_at_10.08.53_PM.pngand Screen_shot_2011-11-21_at_10.09.39_PM.png for inspiration.

Book Trailer Rubric

Book Trailer Embed Code

Sample Book Trailers